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August 2018 is when MusclecoachUK first came to life. Luke was PT’ing in a gym based in Sutton-in-Ashfield. Going solo to a team of 5 coaches, an admin and a videographer.

The clothing first began when Luke would give out ‘freebies’ to his first few clients to show appreciation, Christmas presents and birthday presents etc. More and more people wanted some merch, so the shop was launched!

Thank you to everyone who has/continues to support our growing business

Hey, I’m Luke.

Owner of Musclecoach.UK LTD and Co-Founder of Master Your Life LTD. I help ambitious men 30-50 lead from the front, become highly engaged, gain unbreakable confidence and solidify a mental and physical shape for life. Master it, then live it!

Cap and hoodie activewear

Hi, I’m Abbie.

Co-Founder of Master Your Life LTD. I help women world-wide achieve a lifestyle transformation they’ll never forget.  I work closely with you to reach your specific goal, double your confidence and make you realise you CAN. Master it, then live it!

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Personal trainer & Online Coach
Email: kirsty.muscelcoach@outlook.com



Personal trainer & Online Coach
Email: david_muscelcoach@outlook.com



Online coach
Email: kimberley.muscelcoach@outlook.com

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